15 Smart Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

With a DrSpouse who is often away from home, you are probably overwhelmed with all that you have to do.

Dear friend, let me help you. Here are a few life hacks.


I wish I could properly attribute each life hack but cannot remember where I got them from. Just know that none of these are originally mine, and all of them came from wiser people before me.

15 Smart Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

  1. Use a lingerie bag to keep socks together.
  2. Presort silverware in the dish washer. When it’s time to unload, just grab a section and put in drawer.
  3. Prime your thermos properly by putting boiled water into it, then dumping out, before putting your food in. It’ll keep your food warm for 24 hours.
  4. Microwave baking soda and water in a cup to loosen the buildup so it makes microwave cleaning super easy.
  5. For fast meals, brown ground beef or shredded chicken and freeze it. When ready to cook, defrost and add simmer sauce or BBQ and bam! Dinner.
  6. When boiling eggs, use old eggs rather than new ones. Then add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water to make it easy to peel.
  7. After using the blender, fill it 2/3 full with water and a drop of soap and spin for 30 seconds. Makes it mostly clean except for the occasional scrub.
  8. Use a stapler to remove a key from your key chain. Your nails will thank you.
  9. Keep extra trash bags at the bottom of your trash cans.
  10. Make bacon in the oven. Bake on 400 for 20 mins. Keeps from creating a messy pan.
  11. Put marshmallows in your brown sugar to keep it from drying out.
  12. Keep a bottle of stain remover where your laundry hamper is so you can treat as you need it.
  13. Use a cereal container to put trash in from the car.
  14. Color code your keys with nail polish so you can distinguish them fast.
  15. Take a pic of your refrigerator before grocery shopping so you don’t buy duplicates.

I’m hugging and supporting you, friend.

To your strong medical family,

Your Turn

Are there any hacks you love? Please share your wisdom with me in the comments!