It’s me, Theresa.


Two years ago, I had this vision that I would collect all my thoughts in one place that would help doctors and their families, particularly during medical school and residency and fellowship training.

But I didn’t know a thing about blogging. I spent months trying to figure it out. I even came up with blog names like Dr. Dollars and Mrs. Cents (too cheesy?).

Many things kept me from doing it.

  • How can I find time to write with a job, husband in training, and 3 young kids?
  • What type of expertise would I have with issues I’m still learning?
  • How will my blog color my husband’s employers’ perception of him or his chance of matching?
  • What if people comment “ur dumb”?

And here’s the biggest fear.

  • Will anybody even like my writing?!?!

I always held back.

I mean, clearly I had issues and lacked confidence. There was always a million reasons why I shouldn’t do this.

Finally, now as it’s September 2017, I found my courage. My story could really help somebody.

I braved it so I can help that person.

New blogging adventure

Fast forward to now, I need to come up a template, logo, and all the fun stuff that goes into setting this thing up. So to the drawing board I went.

I had an idea of incorporating a heart (because well, marriage is love) and inside it, an EKG (universally associated with medicine).

See the “o” below.

Concerned that readers might confuse my husband for a cardiologist — which he’s not, he’s interested in GI — I shared with him my concerns and here’s how our convo went down.

Me: Should I make an endoscope into a curly circle instead? Like an “O” shape?
Husband: Nobody knows what an endocope is.
Me: Sure they do.
Husband: Then they’d wonder why there’s poop in the heart.
Me: No one’s going to think that!
Husband: Then they’ll wonder about flushing out their heart a day ahead before their prep.

That’s how the blog got branded.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first post.

Let me know what you like to read

If you want to hear about a specific topic, drop me a note. Please, it would make my day to hear from you.

This blog exists only to be outrageously helpful, inspiring, and educational to you.

I hope your experience here will be informative and fun and that you all have an easier, wealthier, happier medical journey.