25 Clutter-Free Gifts For Your Dr Spouse

Tell me I’m not the first to hear this.

“I don’t want anything.”

That’s my husband. He has everything he wants.

That’s probably a good thing because I’m trying not to accumulate any more possessions. We’re still in training and we haven’t put down roots yet. If I clutter the house, I only have to purge it. Again.

I bet you have felt the pain of packing and moving, too.

If your DrSpouse is like mine and you’re also struggling to find him a gift for his birthday or Christmas, or you just want a clutter-free gift, I suggest giving him a gift that he can experience. And not the kind that you guys have to pack up in a box.

Here are a few ideas.

For the “80” hour work week man

1. Figs scrubs. These are the best on the market unlike the hospital grade ones. Will make your man look like a TV doctor. Use my link and get 20% off your order.

2. Tailored white coat. If his hospital makes him buy his own white coat, get the best from Medelita. If he already has one, get it tailored at an alterations shop.

3. Gloves. If it’s cold where you live, he will need gloves during the winter. I like this leather one from Isotoner compatible with touch screens so he can use his device without taking off his gloves.

4. Tie clip. Studies show this really keeps from spreading bacteria. This one is stylish and inexpensive but any should do.

5. Travel mug. Coffee ensures good patient care. Worth the splurge on one that doesn’t leak. I like this one from Contigo because it doesn’t leak.

6. Water bottle. Keep him hydrated (but not too much because he has to hold his pee a lot). This one from Hydraflask keeps the ice for 24 hours.

7. USP phone charging cords. He can’t be caught with low charge when on call and needs a working phone. This one is braided so it won’t break easily.

When he likes experiences

8. B&B getaway. This experience is very different from major hotel chains. Some even offer horseback riding.

9. Airbnb. Staying in somebody else’s home is also very different than a hotel chain. Use my link and get $40 bonus to spend.

10. Rotating RoomWhile this site was started by med students for med students looking for sublets for away rotations, you can find people who are willing to rent a room for cheap getaway.

10. Luxury car test drive. If he’s a car guy, this is the next best thing to having a luxury car.

11. Sports massage. He needs this if he’s on his feet all day.

When he likes to learn

12. Lessons. Groupon has inexpensive ones where he can learn anything like how to paint, ballroom dance, or make sushi.

13. Ebooks. Books are the heaviest boxes to move when you are relocating. Instead, put them all on a cloud. Plug for Bogleheads Guide to Investing, the book that changed my life and a big force that led me to start DocWife.com.

14. Ecourses. There are many that he can take on Udemy for his hobbies.

15. Study materials. Step 1, 2, 3, and Boards require study guides that add up to several thousands of dollars. Saving up money to buy whatever brand of study material he chooses would really support his career.

When he likes food

15. Nice restaurant. This one is pretty obvious.

16. Homemade food. Don’t limit to just everyday home dinners. Think pies, cookies, fudge, jams.

17. Beer of the month club. There are basically “anything” of the month club.

When he likes date nights

18. Movie pass. Watch all the movies he can want in a month for only $9.99 at this time of writing. He could use it during scheduled breaks, not during a rotation.

19. Museum tickets. Night at the Museum, anyone?

When he needs to save time

20. Tile. This is an app that makes a little square white device called a “tile” sing a tune so you can listen and find it. If he has ever been late because he had to find his keys or wallet, this one is worth the money.

21. Snow removal service. When it snows, let somebody else wake up at 3 in the morning to shovel the driveway so he can safely get to work.

22. Lasspass. This is a FREE software that stores all your password securely in a cloud. I never thought about this being a gift of time, but imagine the frustration it saves from not being a victim of ID theft.

23. LegalZoom Will. FREE or almost free, same idea as above. Until you can afford an estate planning attorney, you can DIY a basic one.

When he just wants you

24. Love letter. Don’t just assume he knows, let him hear it from you.

25. Vlog. A video version of a love letter. Record this on his phone so he can watch any time he wants.

To strong medical families,

Your Turn

What does your DrSpouse enjoy?