5 Ways To Loop Your Dr Spouse In Your Finances

Are you the one with ears on the ground, checks the mail, pays the bills, manages the household?

I bet you are.

And let me guess, all communications and decision-making also pass through one point of contact:


This doesn’t mean that all your decisions should be made alone. It also doesn’t mean that your DrSpouse is powerless to have any say.

Communication and teamwork is key to strengthening your marriage and growing your wealth. To make this work, you need to be on the same page.

As CFO, you need to loop your DrSpouse to what’s going on financially. Here are some ways how.

1. Use Mint

Use a FREE app like Mint to import both of your accounts and track your budget and cash flow.

Even if you keep separate bank accounts, none of it is secret if you link them all in this place.

2. Use Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a FREE app and organizes all your accounts in one spot and tracks net worth. Net worth is your assets minus your liabilities. It’s the best “BMI” indicator of wealth, far more accurate than just a salary figure.

It’s pretty simple why knowing your net worth is important: you need to know where you are, to get to where you are going.

As I mentioned, it’s FREE. But if you use my link you’ll get a $20 bonus.

3. Create Alerts

Create alerts so that any purchases over $100 (or $200, $300, $500, whatever amount that makes sense for your family) are notified through either email or text.

You can set this up through your credit card or your online bank, or both, if you want duplicates.

4. Have Monthly “Money Dates”

Schedule a monthly meeting on your calendar to discuss the results from Mint and Personal Capital.

It doesn’t have to be long and painful. You can text a screenshot of Mint or Personal Capital and say, “Hey, we have unexpected costs and need to dip into savings” or “We are on track.”

The couple who talks about money at least monthly is much more successful at reaching their goals than those who just assume their financial vital signs are good.

5. LastPass

Are you guilty of reusing the same password for everything for convenience? Every cybersecurity expert says this is a nightmare waiting to happen.

It only takes one hack to ruin your life for years.

LastPass is a FREE app that allows you to store all your passwords safely in a cloud. If you and your DrSpouse should ever need the passwords if the other is unavailable, the other can take over.

Let’s Review

  • Use Mint. Track your cash flow.
  • Use Personal Capital. Know what your net worth is so you know how long it will take to reach your goals.
  • Create alerts. Don’t ever be surprised again by a large purchase or a recurring charge you thought you canceled.
  • Have monthly “money dates.” The couple that goes over money at least once a month has a much better chance at reaching their goals.
  • Use LastPass. Never use one password for every account ever. ever. ever.

In Summary

As Family CFO, you are likely the point of contact for all of your finances.

Be sure you know how to keep DrSpouse in the loop so you can make decisions together.

Go ahead and download Mint, Personal Capital, and LastPass if you don’t use them already, and see how it improves your marriage and communication. These are all FREE.

Taking steps to be on the same page will help you stay close to one another to achieve your hopes, goals, and dreams together.

I’m a hugger. I’m hugging and supporting you, friend.

To your strong medical family,