Hi There, I’m Theresa!

I’m a wife of a gastroenterology fellow, healthcare recruiter, mother of 3, and a teacher at heart.

As a doc wife, you:

  • Have a DrSpouse who works “80” hours a week
  • Are in charge of everything
  • Are a solo parent wearing many hats and juggling many balls

It’s a lot to manage.

If you are also managing a lot and need some support and a friend to help you go through it, you’re in the right place!

I started DocWife.com in September 2017. This is my three-part mission: Help families go through the medical journey simpler, wealthier, and happier.

  • “Simpler” goes through productivity, decluttering, and useful tools.
  • “Wealthier” is for student loan management and finances.
  • “Happier” is about relationships with your DrSpouse, friends, and yourself and some self-help.

I also share personal stories of our medical journey as a testimony to encourage you along the way.

The Story Of Our Medical Journey

One fateful summer day in 2006 while in undergrad, my husband and I met and fell silly in love. In 2008 right after graduation, the great recession hit and there was a financial crisis. Thousands were laid off, including him. That experience really changed him. Weeks after, he said to me:

“I’m thinking of going to med school.”

Since that moment, the guy who I loved — who hadn’t even taken a biology class yet — went back to school and became pre-med. (Although the blog is called DocWife.com and I am a doc wife, I did not marry one…we made one!)

We got married at the beginning of medical school in 2011. Our first child came during medical school, second during internal medicine residency, and third during clinical nutrition fellowship. He then became a hospitalist for a year while waiting for his GI fellowship to begin. Fast forward to the present, 2019, and he is a gastroenterology fellow. He is still in training and will finish in 2022. This blog is growing with me as we are going through all of this.

Family Is Everything

During this whole time during the medical journey, we navigated many major events in life:

  • Applying to medical school.
  • Finding a job that would be geographically independent (virtual) so I can support our family.
  • Renting and buying a house.
  • Buying a new car because my husband totaled his due to ice.
  • Having three amazing kids — one in medical school, one in residency, one in fellowship. We had three who were aged 3 or under at one time!
  • Matching into his internal medicine residency and gastroenterology fellowship and moving to be where would train.
  • Managing and repaying his student loans.
  • Negotiating his employment contract.

I bet you are going through similar events in your life, too. As a teacher at heart, I love to share what I’ve learned that could be helpful to you. I have or plan to write about:

  • How to interview for residency
  • How to find your village
  • How to find childcare
  • How to buy life and disability insurance
  • How to come up with a rank list for Match
  • How to help him pass the Boards
  • How to get into the right payment plan
  • How to refinance student loans
  • How to write a CV and negotiate for your attending job
  • How to credit card hack for interview travels
  • How to find out what student loans he has
  • How to combine his and her finances
  • How to move without being scammed
  • How to create a monthly budget
  • …and more coming!

You need a friend to go through the medical journey.

I’m hugging and supporting you!

Where To Go From Here?

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