Hi Sweet Friend!

I’m a wife of a gastroenterology fellow, healthcare recruiter, mother of 3, and a teacher at heart. From the hardships of medical training, to receiving the incredible gift of three children, and to many hardships in between, life hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been a beautiful medical journey.

I know as a doc wife, myself, you:

  • Have a DrSpouse who works “80” hours a week
  • Are in charge of everything
  • Moved far away from family for the Match
  • Are a solo parent wearing many hats and juggling many balls

If you are also managing a lot and need some support and a friend to help you go through it, you’re in the right place.

Throughout the years, I share what I’ve learned and write about these topics:

  • Finances -how to manage student loans, learn about investing, spending, saving money, and negotiating employment contracts.
  • Family – tips on parenting and marriage
  • Simplicity – how to have less stress & more living
  • Personal Development – how to increase productivity & courage and decrease anxiety & perfectionism
  • Personal Storiesstories that you can totally relate to
  • Medical Life tips on medical school, matching, residency/fellowship, moving, and building community
  • Travel – tips and stories on our adventures domestic and abroad

This is my mission: Help women married to doctors build strong families.

The Story Of Our Medical Journey

My husband and I were engineering students and met and fell silly in love in 2006. We were college sweethearts.

In 2008 right after graduation, the great recession hit and there was a financial crisis. Thousands were laid off, including him. That experience really changed him. Weeks after, he said to me:

“I’m thinking of going to med school.”

Since that moment, the guy who I loved — who hadn’t even taken a biology class yet — went back to school and became pre-med. (Although the blog is called DocWife.com and I am a doc wife, I did not marry one…we made one!)

We got married at the beginning of medical school in 2011. Our first child came during fourth year of medical school, second during second year of internal medicine residency, and third during clinical nutrition fellowship. He then became a hospitalist for a year while waiting for his GI fellowship to begin. Since 2019, he is a gastroenterology fellow.

We are still in medical training and this blog is growing with our family as we go through the tunnel. 

Five Facts About Theresa – Did You Know?

  • I am a first generation immigrant and love family history
  • I have 20,000+ pictures on my photo feed and it’s a problem
  • My favorite thing to do is play with my kids
  • I am a wannabe globe trotter
  • My dream is to do medical missions with my husband”

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