Before I introduce myself, let me start with the idea behind DocWife.

When my husband started medical school, I didn’t know anything about finances. As I was starting to uncover what student loans we signed for, it made me sick how little either of us understood how to handle it.

My husband is not alone. Like most other doctors, he spent a decade learning how to be really good at medicine, but didn’t take a single course on how to deal with our finances.

As I started learning, I stumbled upon a culture known as Bogleheads. That led me to the White Coat Investor, other great writers, and the FIRE (financial independence/retire early) movement. Since then, I became a finance enthusiast and am one of the lucky people who learned about all this before making major mistakes.

That’s what I want for you and your family, too.

In April 2015, I started a Facebook community called Physician Finance to help others increase their financial literacy. If you are also a physician or physician’s spouse, join our private community.  It is a great space to crowdsource and learn.


After a few years of contributing to this Facebook community, I wondered:

“Why don’t I collect my thoughts into one place?”

So I created this site that would be inspiring, entertaining — and above all — outrageously helpful to you.

This is my mission: Help busy families go through the medical journey easier, wealthier, and happier.



If you are here, you are probably like me.

  • In charge of everything
  • DrSpouse works “80” hours a week
  • Solo parent who is wearing many hats and juggling many balls
  • Six-figure student loan that feels crushing and overwhelming
  • Late retirement savings
  • Has insurance salesmen who are targeting her family because her household income is (or will be) high

Your DrSpouse is incredibly good at medicine, but not great or interested in money. But as the family’s CEO, it’s not your DrSpouse’s income but the way you manage your family’s finances that is the single biggest factor to financial success.

You want to learn the ropes but don’t know how or where to start. With all the information out there, who has the time to wade through all of it?

That’s why I’m here. If that’s you, I’m writing for you. You matter to me.

I have a lot of work to do.

You can binge from the beginning here if you are new.

Read on to find out who I am.



Hi, I’m Theresa. I married my husband who makes me laugh every day. We have three young kids.

I work as a recruiter by day. I blog and write doctor CVs at night.

Currently, we call Cleveland our home. Where we will put our roots is up in the air. Right now, I’m just here for the adventure.

I dream of travel and use credit card hacks so we can plan our next trip (cruising and Rome has a solid chunk of our hearts, for the record). We fly for FREE or very cheap with all of our kids in tow.

Together at the Colosseum

A few more random facts about me:

  1. In the 1980s, I came over from Vietnam with my parents as refugees. The Sound of Music was played in our refugee camp and was the first Western movie we saw.
  2. I love photography and am saving up for this camera lens.
  3. The library is one of my favorite places. I could shut out the world and keep reading all day.
  4. I am left-handed but write with my right.
  5. Each time I travel to a new city, I try the best local ice cream.



My husband and I met and fell silly in love during undergrad when we were engineering students. He was electrical, I was biomedical. Like everybody in our class, we graduated and entered the corporate world together. We had two tech salaries and felt like we finally made it.

In 2008, the great recession hit and there was a financial crisis in his field. He was laid off.

That experience really changed him. Weeks after, he said to me:

“I’m thinking of going to med school.”

Dum dum dum…

Since that moment, the guy who I loved — who hadn’t even taken a biology class yet — became pre-med.

Although the blog is called DocWife and I am a doctor’s wife, I did not marry one. I made one.

We got married at the beginning of medical school and had three kids during training. The first came during medical school, second during internal medicine residency, and third during fellowship.

On a date while we were engaged
Wedding Day




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