There are two kinds of people with credit cards:

Those who pay their credit card balance every month.

Those that don’t. If that’s you, shred it, go cash-only, and bookmark this page for later.

If you belong to the first group then you could earn some nice perks. By accumulating a lot of points, we traveled to each and every one of DocH’s residency interviews and away rotations for FREE.

Travel is so important to our young family, even during residency, too. We fly to most of our vacations with our kids for FREE or almost FREE, too.

Theresa, how do you do it?!?

We use a credit card, charge our day-to-day expenses like gas and groceries on it, and get points each time.

This is the card we use:


I love it.

I hope it will help you enjoy FREE travel, too!

Reminder: If you use that link and apply for that card, I may receive a commission.