Help! My Dr Spouse Doesn’t Know What Student Loans They Have — How Can I Find Out?

When you and your DrSpouse dated for the first time ever, you talked about your favorite foods, travel, and hobbies. While you’re having a romantic moment, would you have asked:

“So, how much student loans do you have?”

No, is that too awkard?? 😂

If you’re going to be married to this person, it’s a conversation you REALLY should have at some point, though. When you say “I do” to the person of your dreams, you also say “I do” to their student loans.

They’re now yours.

Before you tie the knot, make sure you know about your partner’s loans. Maybe not on the first date, but eventually. Once you start to combine your lives, the real questions should start rolling out:

  • What type of loans are they?
  • What are the rates?
  • Who has the loan — is it a company, bank, the government??

Here’s the problem many of us run into:

What if you ask your DrSpouse about their loans and they forgot or aren’t sure 🤦‍♀️ then what do you do??

If that’s your situation, don’t fret. You can get to the bottom of it. Luckily with the internet and your detective work, you can still find out.

Here’s how.

How To Find Out What Student Loans Your Dr Spouse Took Out

There are two types of loans: federal and private.

Don’t confuse the two!

Federal loans are from the government. If yours are being serviced by companies like FedLoan, Navient, Great Lakes, etc. or have the word “Direct” in front of them — they’re federal loans.

Private loans are through a company such as a bank.

How To Find Federal Loans

You need to go to NSDLS, which is the federal loan database. Then grab the .txt file from NSDLS, which is an ugly file that is chockful of important information.

Get this file by following these steps:

  • Go to Federal Student Aid FSA ID page and create an FSA ID.
  • Go to NSLDS Student Access and enter in your FSA ID.
  • Click on “Financial Aid Review” and download the .txt file.

All your federal loan are listed on that .txt file.

How To Find Private Loans

Private loans are trickier to track down than federal loans and needs detective work. The best clues will be inside their credit report.

(Don’t confuse credit report with credit score. A score is just a single number (like 600, 700, 800, etc.). A credit report has not only their credit score but ALSO lists all their lenders.)

Your DrSpouse’s credit report will list their private student loan lenders.

You are eligible to get one FREE report each year from Annual Credit Report.

Let’s Review

Federal loans: grab the .txt file from NSDLS

Private loans: request a copy of their credit report

In Summary

Once married, you and your dream person become one. That dream person happens to have student loans.

They’re now also yours to take care of and manage.

If neither of you know what student loans they took out, look for them using the NSDLS database and their credit report.

You can do this, friend.

I’m hugging and supporting you ❤️

To your strong medical family,

Your Turn

The first time you brought up student loans, were you dating, engaged or married? No good or bad answer here.

Did your DrSpouse know where their loans were? Or did you have to do some digging?