The Biggest News About Our Medical Journey So Far: Match Results!

Years ago, my husband asked me to be his wife. Those “I do’s” brought us through an amazing adventure. And many seasons of life followed.

Some years were easier, like our first year of marriage in medical school when it was just the two of us. We had the most free time ever while in medical school.

Some years were super hard, like the one when my husband’s dad suddenly passed away during intern year. Or when I gave birth to Child #3 just ten days after we moved into a new house for first fellowship. Romance became different but much sweeter.

Throughout all of this, I’ve learned to love the motto:

“Love your season.”

Each season in my life had something to teach me.

And as fast as a season entered my life, it also exited my life just as fast.

If you are still in training, hang in there because these are the days you will fondly remember. I know the day-to-day operations is so hard when time and money is tight.

But trust me: The joy is in the journey wherever you are now. You are living it. #itsgoodnow

Speaking of seasons, we are beginning a new season right now. And I am happy to say share this news:

Match Results: Here We Come, GI!!!

My husband just matched into a GI fellowship!

We are going back to the training life for another 3 years, but it’s much easier now that we had one year of a break. It’s like we took a deep breath before diving back in again.

Summary Of Our Medical Journey (So Far)

  • My husband graduated from medical school.
  • He then did internal medicine residency. While in his final year, he decided instead of becoming a hospitalist, he wanted to further specialize in GI.
  • He then completed a Clinical Nutrition Fellowship so he could do GI research to help him match into a GI Fellowship.
  • While waiting for Match Day to roll around, he worked as a hospitalist. (I’m not complaining, one year of having a six-figure income really helped.)
  • Now…GI fellowship!

We Have Been To Many Places Due to Medicine

Two houses, 4 years of training, 1 year as a hospitalist, 3 energetic kids (and 10 cell phone upgrades later), here we are.

Now we have to say “goodbye for now” to the COMMUNITY we have found here. And saying “goodbye” to people for me is the hardest part for me in the medical life. I hate hate hate it 😫 But we are so much better for having had these relationships in our lives than not at all had we never lived here at all.

Thank you, community, for giving us a world-class training experience, friendships to cherish all my life, and lessons for a lifetime.