This Type Of Cancer Is The #2 Leading Cause Of Cancer Death, But Is Very Treatable If Detected Early

It’s March and I interrupt my regular posts for this cause:

Colon Cancer Awareness month!

With a husband who is going into Gastroenterology Fellowship this July (my kids are already calling him a butt doctor btw 😂), colon cancer awareness is a cause that’s very near and dear to our hearts.

The least I can do is help educate others through my blog.

Real fact: Colon cancer is very treatable if detected early, but it’s still the #2 leading cause of cancer death

Friends, we have to change this.

People are dying and they don’t have to.

If colon cancer is that treatable and that many people are dying because of it, we HAVE to increase the rate in which people are being screened.

The best way you can do this is to take care of the people in your life who are at risk for it.

For Our Parents Who Are Over Age 50

If you have PARENTS over the age of 50, ask them this:

“Mom, Dad, have YOU been getting screened regularly?!”

I know, it’s not a fun topic, but you’re the spouse of a doctor. They already ask you medical questions as if you and your DrSpouse share a brain. So how much weirder can this be? 😉

Ask your parents this question for me and help me increase screening rates in all our communities.

I’m hugging and supporting you, friend ❤️

To your strong medical family,