5 Morning Hacks To Get Out The Door Stress-Free

The goodbyes to the warm, lazy summer and the hello to school days are hard to do every year.

Getting the kids to bed earlier, setting a new routine, and trying to keep everything moving like gears in a clock is very hard.

As a busy woman who may not be able to count on your DrSpouse to assist you, how can you make each morning as stress-free as possible?

The secret:

Do prep work ahead of time.

Being prepared beforehand lightens your mental load and helps you not forget anything. You’re no longer just in a reaction state. You’re not only prepared, but you have time to spare.

Here are some ways to plan ahead.

5 Morning Hacks To Get Out The Door Stress-Free

1. Make meal planning a family activity on the weekends

Just like how doctors have to round patients with name, date of birth, and other medical details before they start, medical families should be doing the same at home.

As you start each week, discuss what’s going to happen. This also includes meals. This way, everybody knows what to expect for lunch and dinner.

  1. Study your calendar the night before. Studies show the most productive people memorize what they’re going to do.
    Choose fast, easy & healthy breakfast meals.

Fast, easy AND healthy?! Does that exist? It does!

Here are some excellent examples:

  • French toast bakes
  • Egg bake or egg muffins
  • Oatmeal
  • Frozen homemade pancakes (pop in the microwave)
  • (Ever popular) cereal
  • Coffee (…and on auto brew 😂)

3. Have a consistent place to grab everything

Make a “station” in your home where everybody can pick up these things they need to start each day:

  • Shoes
  • Coat
  • Bookbags
  • Lunch
  • Wallet

4. Set up the night before

This is an example of a daily night routine:

  • Lay out your clothes and shoes
  • Get lunches (mostly) packed
  • Pack bags for daycare/school
  • Sign papers
  • Refill diaper bag with supplies
  • Recharge your phones
  • Study calendar for tomorrow

Let’s Review

  1. Make planning a family activity on the weekends
  2. Choose fast, easy, & healthy breakfast
  3. Have a consistent place to grab everything
  4. Set up the night before

In Summary

Prep work is the secret sauce. When you put in the time upfront to prepare for the next day, you will simplify your life where you can actually enjoy life as it’s happening, not operate like your hair is on fire.

I’m a hugger. I’m hugging and supporting you, friend.

To your strong medical family,

Your Turn

What are some of the ways you simplify your morning?