Pregnant And Have Federal Student Loans? The #1 Financial Task You Must Do Before Giving Birth

Babies are amazing and the most precious thing in the world. But they require work even before they’re born. You have to take prenatal vitamins, prepare a room or place for him or her to sleep, buy clothes for the right seasons, pick out a name, know where you’re delivering.

Add “manage student loans” to that list.

If either you or your DrSpouse has federal student loans and you’re expecting, you absolutely need to:

Tell the federal government that you have an additional family member!

To do this, you log into and increase the number in your household to +1 (or +2 for twins, etc.).

And here’s the kicker: You do this as soon as you find out you’re expecting, not after you give birth!!

Isn’t that awesome?!

For having a baby, you get to enjoy lower federal student loan payments even before he/she is out of the oven!

So again, as soon as you know you’re EXPECTING, tell the federal government in your paperwork that you are adding another member in your household.

And enjoy that lower student payment before your beautiful baby is born.

To your strong medical family,