Q&A Get To Know The Real Me — Favorites

DocWife.com started in September 2017 for a community of other medical spouses. It is a name not just for myself, but represents each of us. We are all in it together.

As a doc wife, I have come across many challenges. I learned a lot throughout the medical journey and like to give back to those who helped me by writing helpful tips.

I wished this blog would have existed for myself. And I’m still writing as I’m learning.

My blog’s mission is to help medical spouses create strong families.

Now, let’s get to know each other better, friend!

Playing Favorites

Favorite quote? “As you wish!” (Basically anything from Princess Bride)

Favorite food–the one you could eat any day of the week? Veggies (I’m not vegetarian, just happen to love veggies)

What is your all-time favorite movie? The Sound Of Music. It was the first movie I saw when I came to America. I saw the parallel from them escaping Nazis to me escaping Communism. The movie really changed me.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate

Favorite toppings to add to pizza? Love whole roasted garlic, broccolini, sliced roma tomato, marinated olives, white sauce

Favorite comfort food? Phở

Favorite 80s movie? Princess Bride 😂

Favorite animated movie? Any Pixar film

Favorite music artists? Does Bach count? I’m a classical baroque kind of gal!

Favorite sport to watch? Don’t have one

Favorite sport to play? Volleyball

Favorite holiday? Halloween

What’s your favorite dish to cook? Vietnamese beef stew

Favorite sports teams? Don’t have one

Favorite place to shop? Target