This is what the household has used or recommends to help get through the medical journey as a stronger family. I denote anything with an affiliate link with an asterisk.* If there are other resources that I missed that should be included, please contact me. Would love to hear what was helpful to you!

Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing by Mel Lindauer, Michael LeBoeuf & Taylor Larimore – If you had to get just ONE book on finances, this would be it. It was the “a ha” moment that changed my life. One of my friends calls it the “best $15 you will ever spend.” You can act immediately upon it to start investing.

The Four Pillars of Investing by William J. Bernstein.

The White Coat Investor by Dr. James Dahle.

The Final Hurdle by Dennis Hursch, Esq.

The Doctors Guide To Eliminating Debt by Dr. Cory S. Fawcett.

The most powerful student loan calculator by Travis Hornsby of the Student Loan Planner.

*Personal Capital. This software allows you to see all your savings and investments in one place. No more shifting between your bank accounts, 401k/403b, 457, HSAs, and IRAs to calculate your net worth. It’s FREE, use my link and you get $20.

Mint. This software tracks all your ins and outs for your household. It’s essential for “money dates” with your DrSpouse. And it’s FREE.

LegalZoom. If anyone depends on you financially, you need a Will. You can create a straight-forward one for you and your DrSpouse using this software for FREE.

*LastPassMost of us are guilty of using one password for everything, which is one step away from having our identity stolen. LastPass securely stores all your passwords in a cloud. There’s a FREE version for just yourself. But we opted for the Premium Family version so my husband and I can share.

FamZoo. This is an app for teaching kids how to manage money by building an allowance system using prepaid debit cards, effectively creating a “Bank of Mom & Dad.”

Ellevest. Robo-advisor created especially for women with special consideration for our situation such as being out of the workforce longer than men. 0.25% management fee and $0 minimum to open an account.

*AwardWallet. This is a place that safely stores all your award points. You no longer have to toggle between screens to find out how many Chase Rewards, Airline, Hotel points you have. It’s all here, and it will notify you when points are about to expire. There is a “Freemium” version.

*Digit. It’s a great app for saving for an emergency fund without you realizing it. I reviewed it here.

*Rakuten. This shopping portal saves a ton without costing you a dime. And it’s FREE. If you join using my link and spend $25, you’ll get $10 back.

Doc Wives Talk Money Facebook Group. I started this group in March 2018 for women married to doctors to talk about all things money in a small setting. Only women 😉

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.

A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living by Emily Ley.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.

Life360 App. This app sends you a notification when your DrSpouse arrives and leaves the hospital and has a GPS where they are on the map as they’re driving. Now you know when they are REALLY on the way home.

*Shipt. Have groceries delivered to you without having all your kids in tow. Game changer. Use my link and you’ll get 50% off membership for $50 (reg. $100).

*ThredUp. The largest online consignment store. You can buy great quality second-hand clothes to create your capsule wardrobe. Use my link and you’ll get $10 to shop with.

*TileIf each time you do the “phone, wallet, keys” adult version of “head, shoulders, knees, and toes,” then you really need this game changer. This device sticks to your phone, wallet or keychain and makes a chime so you can find them faster.

Real-Life Physician Family: Secrets to Surviving, Even Thriving During Medical School, Residency, and Beyond by Stacy C. Dunn and Dr. Joel Dunn.

Memoirs of a Surgeon’s Wife: I’m Throwing Your Damn Pager Into The Ocean by Megan Sharma.

Physician Family COMMUNITY. This is a private Facebook group hosted by AMA Alliance and Physician Family Media for all spouses of doctors. Currently at 1,500+ members, it’s a place to seek and share information, resources, support, thoughts, concerns and encouragement.

Physician Family. This is an online magazine founded by Donna Rovito specifically for medical spouses and their families. Their articles are fantastic and completely FREE to read.

Married to Doctors. Lara McElderry hosts a podcast for those who are married to doctors. Putting her husband through surgical training while raising five boys, her work focuses on helping successful families you through the medical journey and creating strong marriages.

Side By Side. I can’t emphasize the importance of establishing a village in the flesh wherever you live. With over 85+ chapters, you will find friends in real life instantly. This organization branched off of Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA), all religious and non-religious backgrounds are welcome.

Dads Married to Doctors. Are you a dude married to a doctor? This is a private Facebook group for you.

Dr. Kim Blackham. She is a licensed family therapist who concentrates her practice on medical marriages. She met her husband while he was still in surgical training and understands all that the medical lifestyle entails.

CMDA Marriage Enrichment Conferences. Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA) holds faith-based conferences for healthcare couples all over the country to help you nurture your marriage. All religious and non-religious backgrounds are welcome.


Rotating Room. This site is designed specifically for medical folks who need a place to stay while interviewing or for away rotations. Typically, all of the listings are owned by a medical student, resident, fellow or attending.

*AirbnbThis is also a place where you can find places to stay while interviewing or for away rotations. If you use my link, you get $40 bonus off of any booking over $75.

Prescription Travel. We book our travel through Gayle Smith, a travel agent and medical spouse who specializes in travel for healthcare families. She makes it easy so that every trip we’ve been on has been relaxing.

Student Loan Planner. Get a flat fee-only consultation with Travis Hornsby and his team to help you with your student loán.

Physician Wealth Services : Ryan Inman is a ficudiary, fee-only financial advisor who works exclusively with physicians. He is also the spouse of a doctor and the podcast host of Financial Residency.

Physician Financial Services : Larry Keller is the one I would go to purchase a life or individual disability insurance policy. We used him and highly recommend him.

Byrd Adatto : Michael Bird and Bradford Adatto are attorneys who specialize in healthcare law and employment contract review. They are particularly good for complex contracts where you need the big guns.