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Along the medical journey, I have learned a lot from others. I went from knowing nothing about finance to being able to manage over $250,000 of student loans and being on track to financial independence. I do this all while taking care of everything else to make our family run.

I didn’t just learn how to do all of this on my own. I had help and guidance along the way. And I’m giving back by collecting this list of my favorite resources to help you, too.

While there are lots of affiliate links here, I would only recommend products and services I use and love. The income from these affiliates helps my charitable mission as well as pay for my kids’ diapers while still in training.

Here are my favorites.


Fave books

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Fave financial tools

The most powerful student loan calculator by Student Loan Planner

Personal Capital






Fave saving money apps


Ebates. If you join using my link and spend $25, you’ll get $10 back.



Fave place to find a room during away rotations

AirbnbIf you use my link, you get $40 bonus to spend.

Rotating Room


Fave Life Hacks



Fave security system

SimpliSafe. If you use my link, you will get 10% off.