9 Texts Spouses Want From Their Dr Spouses

This is just a fun post. It was fun to write because it gets my creative juices going in my head. Enjoy!

  • How about I take care of the kids so you can go out tonight? You deserve it.
  • I still can’t believe you married me.
  • I finally threw away all the medical journals that were piling up. Boy, I’m so glad they’re gone!
  • I passed the boards! Now we can go back to normal life.
  • 🍆 😉
  • Thank you for all that you do. Because of you, I can succeed.
  • My next conference is in Hawaii. Can the kids go to your parents so we can make it a vacation with just you and me?
  •  [after a dinner meeting…] I saved you dessert and am bringing it home.
  • Clinic got cancelled. I’m coming home now.