Top 5 Best Handmade Gifts Made By Doctor Wives

Many doc wives find it hard to hold a traditional, location-dependent, 9-5 job because of constantly moving for medicine.

Maybe you faced this challenge, too.

Some doc wives have found a way to create their own job using their talent and skill and opened up a business.

Meet five such strong women.

Each shop has a story behind its inspiration and hand-making process, and reflects each woman. The products they make are one-of-a-kind and can’t be found elsewhere.

Support these doctors’ wives’ shops and your dollars will directly support their families during their long, challenging medical journey.

Remember, if you have a question about the business or a piece of art, contact the businesswoman directly. While I wish I could claim to have such talent and business finesse, I’m not the mastermind 😀


Lauren Watkins with Lauren Watkins Art

Lauren Watkins is an award winning watercolor and pastel artist. She started painting again, after a seven-year hiatus, as a way to support her husband in medical school while being a mother to three small children. She is most known for her colorful animal and landscape paintings.

Her husband’s year of training:

Family Medicine, PGY1 (first year of training)

What is in her shop?:

Lauren sells original and fine art prints of watercolor and pastel paintings. She also accepts commissioned art for people with a specific idea or need.

What makes her shop stand out?:

Her style uses vibrant colors, which sets her apart from other artists.

Her best-selling product?:
Gentle Bear Watercolor Painting

Who her best-seller would be perfect for:

This painting is perfect for nature and wildlife enthusiasts.


Rose Graham with Graham Stitches

Rose Graham has been sewing for over 20 years. She enjoys making custom house hold items, and experimenting with different fabrics. Nothing brings her more joy then seeing others enjoying her products.

Her husband’s year of training:

Internal Medicine, PGY3 (last year of training)

What’s in her shop?

Rose sells machine and hand sewn goodies such as rectangular zipper bags that can be used as makeup bags, toiletry bag, and kids storage bags. They come in an array of designs from flowers, geometric, popular TV shows, and kids characters. She also offers both chapstick and Lipsense keychains and Keyfobs. Her newest offering is a beautiful, washable, quilted tree skirt that goes around the base of a Christmas tree.

What makes her shop stand out?

Her shop accepts custom orders to stay up-to-date on current fabric trends and characters. The prices are very affordable so that you can buy something nice for yourself as well as for others for one shipping price.

What is her best-selling product?

Makeup Bags

Who would your best-seller be perfect for:

This is the perfect makeup bag for the women or teen in your life.  This bag is washable, and has a great handle for easy carrying.


Courtney Roshanmanesh with CR Creations Shop

Courtney’s shop grew out of her passion for all things handmade. Courtney started by creating one of a kind items made just the way she envisioned. Popular demand for similar creations led to the founding of her Etsy business, CR Creations Shop. Through Etsy she is able to share her skills and passion with customers nationwide. Her shop has items ready to ship, made to order, and she also has the ability to create new unique custom orders.

Her husband’s year of training:

Radiology, PGY4 (fourth year of training)

What’s in her shop:

She specializes in sewn goods such as baby carrier accessories, zipper pouches blankets, and quilts.

What makes her shop stand out:

Many of her items are completely original down to the patterns and original fabric designs, such as her car mat quilts. Although there are items in her shop that are made in advance and ready for quick shipment, many customers take advantage of the opportunity to customize their orders and in the process shape a unique and often one of a kind keepsake. Such customization includes choosing fabric designs, embroidery fonts, product dimensions, and other unique requests.

Link to her best-selling product:

Tshirt Quilt

Who her best-seller would be perfect for:

Tshirt quilts are quite popular, as they make for truly special gifts for yourself or others. These quilts are a great keepsake to display your favorite memories. Many customers also order tshirt quilts as priceless gifts for the loved ones in their lives. They are often given to children, parents, significant others, and even close friends for graduations, birthdays, holidays, or in memory of someone who has passed. It’s a fantastic way to treasure favorite memories in a form that is functional, rather than leaving them sitting in a box or drawer.


Lauren Ahier with Queen City Fibers Co.

Lauren Ahier created a collection of one-of-a-kind home decor items, thoughtful gifts, and sophisticated bags for children and adults on the foundation of simple design, classic style, and playful details.

Her husband’s year of training:

General Surgery, PGY4 (fourth year of training)

What’s in her shop?:

She offers home decor & book bags.

What makes her shop stand out?:

Lauren began her business by focusing on her local neighborhood and city. She started at her tiny local farmers market and from there expanded into flea markets, snagging last minute spots while her husband’s schedule was finalized to juggle their three kids. She now ships all over the country.

Her best-selling product?:

Rustic Winter Wreath

Who her best-seller would be perfect for:The girl who loves farmhouse decor and rustic charm and enjoys the practicality of a decor piece that can be displayed all winter long.


Bethany with Worker Bee Wood

Bethany began Worker Bee Wood during the first year of residency to help bridge the gap between actual income and actual bills. Thanks to a supportive local following and social media she can barely keep items in stock. She began her woodworking business doing custom work and home decor and now offers her specialty pieces in limited batches on a monthly basis. With three kids 5 years old and under, she is on a forever quest to find the ever elusive sweet spot of balancing business and family. Her best advice is to be very, very kind to yourself. Your mind needs to be a welcoming place for you. Especially if you have any hope of enjoying all the juggling!

Her husband’s year of training:

Dermatopathology/Mohs Surgery, PGY5 (one more year to go until training completion)

What’s in her shop?:

Original handcrafted wood art

What makes her shop stand out?:

Bethany’s design and creation process is done with little attention given to trends or seasonal expectations. Although she may naturally be in a mood to create flowers as the weather warms up her art comes from where she feels led internally. She is inspired by her customers and the real stories of love, loss, humor and interests as well as the stories she sees unfold all around her. Her woodwork is a response to the world.

Her best-selling product?:

Her Angel Wing Collection

Who her best-seller would be perfect for: Although angel wings are beloved by many as a symbol of hope these seem to especially speak to those who are remembering loved ones who have passed away.