Top Blogs By Doc Wives That You Need To Follow In 2020

If you are a doc wife and have a blog that’s not listed below, it’s because I don’t know about you yet! Would be happy to add you, please contact me. All blogs listed in alphabetical order.

A Byers’ Guide

Name: Courtney Byers

Type of blog: Affordable fashion, travel & lifestyle

Date Started: 2017

Story: I started my blog, “Life Of A Med School Wife,” 2017 as a hobby to fulfill my need to have a creative outlet when my husband was in his 3rd year of medical school. Exactly 1 year later I re-branded to, “A Byers Guide. I blog about affordable fashion, lifestyle, and travel.



Twitter: @abyersguide


Financial Wellness DVM

Name: Anonymous

Type of blog: Personal Finance

Tagline: A personal finance blog for veterinarians

Date Started: April 2018

Story: I saw that there was such a wealth of information for physicians that wanted to learn more about personal finance. However, I couldn’t find anything equivalent for my profession (veterinary medicine). With the profession facing its own unique financial challenges, as well as its changing demographic to majority female, I felt compelled to start my own blog! As an aside, a lot of my posts are useful to pretty much anyone that wants to learn more about personal finance.


Twitter: @dvmwellness

Kellys Reality

Name: Kelly Post Houseman

Type of Blog: Self-help/lifestyle

Date Started: 2014

Story: A licensed counselor and doctor’s wife who is figuring out this whole mom thing herself. Follow along to be inspired, get helpful advice and a break from reality. Read interviews with experts in their field, learn something new and get a laugh.




Married To Doctors 

Name: Lara McElderry

Type of blog: Resources and stories for physician families

Tagline: Making Successful Homes Happier

Date Started: Dec 2017

Story: Being Married To a physician is a wonderful opportunity but can often also be lonely and difficult. The blog and podcast explore various perspectives of this unique marriage dynamic.



Twitter: @married2doctors

MD Family Solutions

Name: Jennifer Tucker Visitacion

Type of blog: Life Design / Support

Tagline: Playfully Strategic Life Support

Date Started: January 2019

Story: The journey of being married to medicine is a unique one. One that takes strength, independence, resilience, patience, a sense of humor, and most importantly…a community of support. At MD Family Solutions we are creating community to help you keep your life on the front burner AND build healthy and fulfilling relationships with your family.


Motherhood by Meredith

Name: Meredith Redmon

Type of blog: Motherhood/marriage/OKC

Tagline: Sometimes you need to cry over spilled milk

Date Started: Summer 2017

Story: I believe in this age of filters and social media perfection that authentic resources need to have their place. That’s what I am trying to create! A place for women to feel supported and know motherhood is a stressful, messy, beautiful journey that looks different for all of us. But we are all more alike than we are different!


918 Plate

Name: Hillary

Type of blog: food (recipes), focused on using local ingredients

Tagline: Tales from a Tulsa Table

Date Started: May 2015

Story: 918 Plate grew from my love of cooking and supporting local farms, business vendors. I was told to “get a hobby” when my husband started med school, so it evolved into this! I post recipes on the blog, but post about eating while traveling and restaurants on my other social accounts, so they’re all worth a follow! I also have a Facebook group where people can join in community and ask cooking or gardening questions!

Facebook group: 918 Plate Community

Facebook page:


Twitter: @918plate

Physician Family Blog

Name: Donna Baver Rovito

Type of blog: Resources, information and advice for physician families at all stages of life in medicine, from medical school through retirement

Tagline: Navigating your Journey of Medicine Together

Date Started: June 2014

Story: While Physician Family Magazine, the publication for physician families, comes out four times a year, the Physician Family Blog makes content available to physician families on a more regular basis. Our guest bloggers represent physician families throughout their Journey of Medicine and offer both practical advice and information, as well as the support medical families need from other folks who “get” their life.

Facebook: and

Twitter: @PhysFamilyMedia

Sunny Seeds Nutrition & Wellness

Name: Lisa Salinas

Type of blog: Food and a little nutrition

Tagline: Mom, dietitian, university lecturer, weekday vegetarian, and Instant Pot aficionado

Date Started: unknown

Story: My family started weekday vegetarianism almost 2 years ago and the appliance that has helped me the most in that cooking transition is my trusty Instant Pot! All the recipes I post about are tested, nutritious and delicious!

Instagram: @sunnyseedsnutrition

Surthriving: Making, Breaking, & Rebuilding in Brooklyn

Name: Nashira

Type of blog: Personal, intended to share my experiences and also to educate family and friends outside of the medical world

Date Started: Jan 2018

Story: I am a small-town Wisconsinite transplanted into the big jungle of Brooklyn along with my husband, J, for his residency. For someone with no doctors in her family, who grew up as one of only a few Jewish kids in her town, and who never had any aspirations of leaving her home state, moving to New York has been, well, interesting. Join me as I explore what it means to navigate a big city, Jewish life, my own career, and the obstacles of marriage to a surgical resident!

Tennis Shoes And Tiaras

Name: Ashley Bailey

Type of blog: fitness | motherhood | lifestyle

Date Started: Fall 2018

Story: This blog started to give tips on realistic ways to balance fitness and wellness along with motherhood. I share tips on fitness, healthy eating, toddler mom life, and life in general.





Travel Maven Mama

Name: Christina Erickson

Type of blog: travel, food, books

Tagline: Little stories about big adventures

Date Started: Oct 2018

Story: I strive to motivate people to make time for family trips and adventures, even with young kids, but showing you how to do it and giving ideas and examples. I also share favorite books and food along the way.




The Traveling Fab Five

Name: LL

Date Started: 2012

Story: I started blogging in 2012 then took a break when my kiddos were babies. Then I began blogging again in August of 2016 while my husband was in Medical School. I love to blog about traveling tips, Disney, budgeting tips, as well as share our family’s crazy adventures.