13 Unforgettable Gifts For The New Physician As They Graduate Medical School

May is an amazing month of the entire year. Snow days are behind you, Memorial Day marks the day pools open in most areas, flowers start blooming, Mother’s Day rolls around.

All these make people very happy.

Also when every May rolls around, we think two words:


Some of you are about to celebrate a huge milestone as your DrSpouse graduates from medical school. If that’s you, congratulations! 🎊

If you are struggling to get a gift for them, here are a few ideas that will be unforgettable.

13 Unforgettable Gifts For The New Physician

  1. Stethoscope. This is the tool of the trade. Upgrade to Littmans if that’s not what he already has.
  2. Tie clip. Many studies show that ties pick up a lot of bacteria from their line of work. Get them one and keep everybody safe. You can get any of them here.
  3. Tailored lab coat. Chances are, the coat their hospital issues them will fit them like a potato sack. Get it tailored at an alteration shop so they look as good as a TV doctor.
  4. Dress pants. Get rid of pants that have pleats and join this decade’s fashion.
  5. Dress shirts. Two magic words: iron-free.
  6. Work bag. they will need a bag to trek their notes back and forth. I like the leather look.
  7. Professionally framed diploma. The official frame from their university may be pricey, but you can get a knockoff custom-made at any craft store.
  8. Artwork for their home office. Many artists on Etsy can make custom prints related to medicine. We have one with a quote from Hippocrates, “Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.”
  9. Coffee travel mug. For those who drink coffee, a good mug is a must. Get a mug that is guaranteed not to leak all over their workplace. This is the exact one from Contigo my husband uses.
  10. Cable chargers. Their phone has to stay charged for their long shifts that run into days and nights. Here are a few you can choose from.
  11. Smart watch. It’s like having your smartphone on your wrist. Also measures heart rate and sleep patterns if he’s into tracking those things.
  12. Virtual Reality Headset. We don’t own this but friends who do swear by it. The Oculus Go has good reviews.
  13. Food storage. We saved so much money by packing theirs meals instead of eating in the cafeteria. I’m a fan of Snapware glass containers because they clean easily and are airtight.

To your strong medical family,


Your Turn

Did your DrSpouse have any favorite tools he used that made life better?