History And Why Behind The Blog

It’s my two year blogoversary!

First, let me tell you our story. My husband and I fell silly in love one summer in undergrad while we were engineering students. We spent a ton of time together. We were inseparable.

I had always assumed we would be a dual engineer family.

But life had very different ideas for us.

A few days into our engagement, he decided to leave his engineering career and go to medical school. And that’s when the man I loved went back to school and took his very FIRST pre-med class.

I’m talking Biology 101!

And, as you all know, that’s it has been a loooong medical journey ever since!

We got married during his first year of medical school in 2011. He then did Internal Medicine Residency, Clinical Nutrition Fellowship, and currently is doing a Gastroenterology Fellowship.

In the meanwhile, we grew our family with three amazing, beautiful and active kids:

  • The first was born during medical school
  • The second during residency
  • The third during the first fellowship

(When this blog was started in September 2017, we had 3 kids who were three and under!)

Medical life as a family has unique challenges.

As my husband and I went through all the stages of medical training while raising our family, balancing my day job with all I had to do at home, and moving to wherever the Match required us to, we didn’t know how to navigate it at all.

We learned an incredible amount.

I wished I knew a lot of these things.

I am now obsessed with sharing tips that are outrageously helpful with you.

That’s why the blog.

I named it docwife.com because I am writing to doc wives. It belongs not to me — but to ALL of us.

I have divided all my articles into three pillars:




Medical Life


Let me tell you what these sections mean.


As a medical family, you have a unique financial situation. You’re one decade late in retirement savings and have six-figure student loans burying you at high interest rates.

Financial advisors know you will be or already are a high-income household and are targeting you. And if you can’t tell good from bad advice, you may not be on the path to meeting your goals and you wouldn’t even know it.

The Finances section helps empower you to keep more of your family’s shard earned money and grow your net worth by avoiding bad advice.

This way, you can spend time together in meaningful ways:

More health. More time. More slow projects. More philanthropy. More family.

Finances is the how. All THIS I just mentioned — is the why.


Your DrSpouse is working “80” hours a week and you have to manage the rest of life so your DrSpouse can focus and succeed at his career.

Imagine juggling five balls: work, kids, home, finances, self-care. And you can’t drop any of them.

That’s what it’s it’s like for you every. single. day.

And I know first hand that it’s exhausting. As a wife, mom, working professional, relentless overachiever, and recovering perfectionist, I feel YOU.

The Simplicity section talks about how to simplify your life, establish habits, and increase your productivity to dial down the crazy so you can breathe and enjoy what matters most in life.


All around us, relationships are hard. We move a lot so friends are hard to come by. Family is far away. We don’t have much time to connect with our DrSpouses.

Even self-care can take a back seat.

Yes, YOU are in a relationship with yourself, too!

The Family section talks about how to make relationships in your life the best they can be.

Medical Life

Each family’s medical journey is different.

Yours is unique, too.

I document ours and share tips that could help you on how to write your DrSpouse’s CV, match into residency or fellowship even if you don’t get in the first try, and other experiences we have personally gone through.


Travel is our way of life. We’re never the same person as before we left home. That’s why it’s important to us.

We have done everything from backpacking to cruising. Our kids get their passports before their first birthdays. We’re always mapping out where we want to go next.

Sounds dreamy, right?

We found frugal ways to do it even in residency and fellowship!

And I share how we do it!

If you dream of traveling like us, YOU can do it, too. The timing will NEVER be perfect. The sad truth is, no matter where you are in the medical journey, you either are short on time or short on money.

So just do it now.

I made a Travel section about our travel experiences so you can travel on a modest budget even during residency or fellowship, too.

We’re in this journey together, friend.

I’m a hugger. I’m hugging and supporting you.